Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sept 6, on the way

Pat was working with a patient, so I decided to leave.  Stopped by here to tell her good bye.  Around noon on Thursday

Thunder clouds building just West of Flagstaff

2 Guns used to be a popular stop on Route 66.  Nothing left now, they are dismantling the last gas station here

Still have a few of the good old Tourist attractions

Sky getting dark, and rain on the way

High winds and lots of dust. Poor visibility.  Was afraid the bike may blow over, but it came through fine

Hard rain for only a few minutes.  Sure glad I'm not riding ON the bike

Stopped in Holbrook to see Jack Foree.  Don't see much of him, but when I do, I promise myself to not wait so long.  One Fine guy!!

Something wrong with this picture.  Not enough wheels under the Harley on the wall!

Several years ago, Barb Foree led a bunch of VROC'ers through the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert.  Can't remember what we were there for, but remember is was fun

Chee is a very popular Navajo name.  Always reminds of the tribal police officer Jim Chee in many of Tony Hillerman's books.

For many years this stretch of Route 66, then I-40 has been popular for dozens of gift shops and places to eat

Lots of nice native products in shops under the cliff

Made it to New Mexico

Lost an hour, now in MDT.  Sun is setting, the clouds are thinning.  I stopped the the night at a Flying J/Pilot.  Used to be a very nice Giant Truckstop, Billed for awhile as the world's largest.  It wasn't. So the sign had to come down.  Been in here many times when working or traveling.  Exit 39 near Grants, East of Gallup.  Had to pay $1.99 for 60 minutes of internet, and I've about used it up doing this.  Surprisingly, I do have a cell signal.  More tomorrow  
Texas Panhanadle

This cross at Groom, TX, can be seen for miles

Leaning tower of Birttan, TX.  It's been leaning like this for MANY years.

Texas Safety Rest Stop on I-40

Lots of old building like this on Route 66 in Shamrock, TX

The famous U-Drop Inn

Fill 'er up with Ethel!  This old station has been in several movies. A route 66 icon.

Small gift shop.  Shamrock items, and Bill Mack's book.  Shamrock is his home town.  "The Midnight Cowboy".  Old time radio DJ.

Welcome to Oklahoma!  I went as far as Clinton, OK, spending the night in a motel. Lots of blowing red dirt where there's not green.  High winds most of the day.

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