Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sept 13, ES VROC rally

Our morning ride took us through Yellville.  Had to get a shot of this for Pat.  When she was 7 or 8 years old, she lived in this town for a while.  She doesn't remember much, but she does remember the public school only had and outhouse.  Probably hasn't changed much

Downtown Yellville, Arkansas

View from our lunch table.  That tree is just starting to turn.  Will be in Fall color soon

John, Teri and Lucky Al

Coyote, Skid, and Sandy

Teir with her Cheese Philly sandwich

John and Teri have matching Drifters.  Beautiful bikes!

7 of us made this ride, the food was great, roads were perfect.  About a 200 mile day of smiles.

Teri "Ms. ROK" Conrad

Lakes and Rivers are plentiful here in the Ozarks.  

The bikes are in Missouri, the signs are in Arkansas

Lucky Al was leading this afternoon, he almost missed Blue Eye :-)  But, he made back with all that left, and did a fine job as leader.  (this time :-)

This business is right on the border.  Don't know which State they pay taxes to.

A Thorn between two Roses

Some VERY fine riding companions!  We had a great day!

Downtown Ozona.  This was a grocery store, then a restaurant, latest is a saw and lawnmower shop.  It's still in business.

Chisai Childs on the Harley.  This lady has so much history in the entertainment field, I won't even try to post them here.  She's a great Lady.

John putting the security bear on his bike.

Looking out the room door.  More milling around tonight, overcast and looks like rain.  Also, the flies are thick!  (hmmm, maybe I should close the door)

Talking over the day and planning or dinner

Margo, Susan, Sandy and Katie

Looks like this group is set for the evening

Keyless and Katie....or is that Clueless....

Susan is NOT a trailer queen.  She rode this beautiful bike from Florida, and has ridden to many other long distance vroc events.  She's such a "girly girl" :-)
Susan had two of these made.  One for herself, the other she's donating to the raffle for Craig Scott here at the rally in Eureka Springs.
Skid being attacked by the notorious Lemon Drop Ladies Gang!

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