Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept. 12 at ES VROC

Mitch (Keyless) will return to a bike ready to ship

Don, Jerry, Jamey, and Skid.  They may have had something to do with the "wrap job"

Don't know the temp of the water, but it's a LOT colder than I'm used to.  These guys are tough.

Deb, Scott and Susan's head

Planned to exercise some in the pool, but my goosebumps added to much resistance, so I got out. Deb is from hardier stock than me!

Action shot!  Skid is brave.

The pool is pretty, clean, but too cold!

Scott and Susan

There's Troubel!  But, she's NOT getting into the pool :-)

Several of you need to thank me.  I used a LOT of restraint posting these pictures :-)

Skid, Sandy and I didn't finish the Ozona Burger ride this morning.  So, didn't get any good ride pictures.  Hope to make up for it tomorrow.  I will be adding some to this post of this evenings pictures.
A Badger and a Coyote!  John just pulled in from Texas!  Sure good to see you guys!
Afternoon visiting and planning for the evening

Nice shade on this side of the parking lot

More and more familiar faces came in today

Nice paint job on Troubles drifter!  It's a good looking bike

Some walked, some rode, to the Forest Hill Restaurant.  Nice place

Condi arranged for us to get 10% off our meals.  Paid for the tax!  And, the food was good

We had a good group go, didn't count, but probably about 30.  Several others were had different plans.

Badger looks half asleep and the evening is still young!

The buffet was good.  Or, you could order from a good menu

Nice having some time to visit with Coyote.  He made it in just in time for dinner.

Checking out with the checks.  The waiter did a good job of keeping them separate

Almost time to "go to the show"

The George Brothers at the Ozark Hoe Down Theater.  The show was good, and was surprised meet up with an old friend of ours.  Pat and I used to go to her shows often back in the early 80's in Branson.

Back at the motel, we find Scott and Margot, with Taz, have arrived

Good friends catching up on the time they've been apart
Mitch is tired after a long day of work, then coming back to the rally and having to unwrap his motorcycle :-)  This is the end of September 12th.  3 more days of the rally to go!

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