Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept. 10 riding, etc.

Have talked to these people several years ago.  We're related in a distant sort of way.  A home Improvement Center in Eureka Springs.

The road to this Mill was closed for chip sealing today, but we got there before it totally shut down.  Nothing open, will have to return later in the week.

Some history here!

The mill is still in operation.  You can get sort of hypnotized watching the wheel go 'round. 

See the moon above the War Eagle?  This is the same one that way Blue last month!

Narrow planks just wide enough for tires on this bridge.  I remember Preston and Karen crossing it with the trailer behind a bike.  They made it fine, but don't think they'd want to do it again :-)

Parking lot at Quigley's Castle.

Family built house.  All stones layed by hand, house designed by the wife.  I took dozens of pictures, but will only post a few

The rocks are set in concrete, all mixed and placed by hand  Hundreds of different figures of all sizes and shapes

Large chunk of Native Arkansas Crystal.  It measures an 8 on the hardness scale, a diamond registers a 10.  So, it's pretty hard stuff 

A fancy Outhouse!

Not ancient, the house was designed and built in the early 1940's.  They had to wait until after WW2 to buy the glass, since there was a shortage until then.

The engine is a very greasy 6 cyclinder GM.  It drove this saw.  Most of the lumber for the house frame came off this property

The Husband collected bottles.  His wife made 14 bottle trees in various places on the property

Hen and chicks.  My mother planted some of these in an old pair of my dad's logging boots.  We had them for years, until the leather rotted and the plants fell out.

Siding was a huge variety of rocks and shells.  All placed one at a time by hand.

Very heavy garden basket

Most of the rocks were made up into a form of something, but some were just "there"

A heavy duty mail box.  The flag is still up, but the lid is missing

Passed this sign many times, but  this is my first visit. Thanks to Don and Laura for wanting to stop.

A visit to Eureka Springs isn't complete without going to Thorncrown Chapel. It's been here for 32 years

Don and Laura.   Planning a ceremony?

I've been coming here for almost 30 years.  It hasn't changed much

A wall where we had lunch

I don't know if Kelly Cobb still looks at the blog, but if you do, this one's for you! :-)
( I remember how much she likes Spiders)

The White River looks blue today. And, this is NOT photoshopped!

Right across the street from the Satin Beaver

Nice new road to Beaver Dam

Angie may remember this.  When she was 12 or 13, I took her on a BMW bike trip here to Beaver Dam Recreation Park to spend the weekend camping.  30 some years ago!

Glass slag.  All sized and colors.  They sell it by the pound

Back at the Ozark Swiss Inn.  Laura, Don, and Don (Penmaker)

Condi in deep conversation with JR.  She has a lot on her plate this week, being the rally Hostess.  I just saw Cassie and Cuddles ride in, I better go get a picture of them.

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