Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Cassie arrived from Iowa on her pretty Vaquero.  She bought it less than a year ago and has over 14,000 miles on it!  After 2 years of chemo and other serious medical problems, she's all as good as new!

Well, it is getting close to Halloween!

Cuddles is 5 now, has been riding since he was just a "young pup".  
 olishing off
Condi and Don polishing off the morning coffee.  People are planning their day.  Hope be be posting some good pictures tonight!
Alpo, Purina, and Whiskers food is sold here

Fortunate to find a good parking spot.  Spent over an hour walking around town. Some familiar shops are gone, but new ones have taken their place.  Lots of Glitz!!

Nice Tie Dye.  

There are at least 3 Candy factories here in town.  You can watch the taffy being pulled by machines in one of them

Basin Park.  There is a Jazz Festival going on this weekend.  Always some kind of talent here, day and night.  It's too early this morning for many people to be out and about

Main, Center, and Spring (Mud) street are the 3 busiest streets, but there are shops stuck in all the little side streets too.

Food, drink, and about anything you want to find is here.  Prices are high!

Love the Pink Flamingos!

This downtown place has done so well, they opened a large Club with fine dining out on Hwy 62.

Glitz and Bling...it's not Las Vegas, but they sell the same sort of things

The town is built on a steep rock hill. There are stairways in every block going between the streets.  They are all full of little secret places.

Did some shopping here in the Emerald Forest a few years ago.

You could spend a LOT of time in town if you checked out all the interesting looking stores

Hey!  There's Epibunny, working as a waitress

One of the stairways

Large Hotels, B and Breakfasts, and Motels, enough for everyone.  Only the old Classy places down town.

A Doctor owns this natural food and healthy stuff store

The Basin Hotel

Classy old bike out for breakfast in the bar

Lower Mud street

Skid had been selling posters.  He's in pretty good shape for turning 60 yesterday.

Humpty Dumpty, sitting on a wall.  If one more Harley goes by, he's sure to fall!

Think we saw these guys in Yuma!

After taking this picture, I rode up a steep hill to turn around on top.  There was a chain in the shade that I didn't see.  Windshield saved my neck, but now have some scratches on the windshield

Years ago this was part of a gas station

One of the landmarks here in Eureka Springs.  This hotel has a colorful history, and is thought to be haunted!

The Crescent at the Crescent.

Wow!  Just like the Golden Corral.

Back of the Crescent Hotel

The local library.  10 years ago when we first started having bike rallies here, this was the only place you could get on line.  Now there is WiFi everywhere.

Rocky country

Stopped in here to pick up a bottle of Cholula hot sauce.  They had it, cost twice what it does at home, but needed it to pour on my Nutrisystem food.

Good selection of sauces, and touristy items

Back at the motel in time for Skid and Sandy to roll in!

Sandy, Skid and Don.  Others are arriving now too.
Gambler and Deb pull in.  Nice trike!

Here comes Trouble!  She and Jamey T made it from South Dakota

Travis and Skid

Lucky Al.  I think the top of his hat blew off.

Jamey is holding up the door jam.  There's the Bass Boat behind Skid

Trouble and Cassie

Jamey T and Sandy, I think they're happy to be here!
Registration Table..

Mitch rode his Mean Streak.  It's late.  I resize the rest and add captions in the morning.....

The Rockin' Pig.  Our Dinner ride destination

Whoppin' big tire on this little chopper!

Sandy and SKid deciding on a table.  The VROC folks already inside, but the music is a little too loud for our taste

So, we're moving outside.  They have a huge fan called a Porta Cool, an evaporation system that keeps the patio a nice temperature

A BBQ place, but they have a large and interesting menu.  I ordered a warm chicken salad, It was good, and probably would have been better if I hadn't picked out all the home made croutons.....

Ohhhhh, K.

The "inside" table

So far, Don is the only one here from the "far west".  Sure glad he made it!

Mitch and Katie

Lucky Al with some pulled pork.  The Fried Sweet potatoes looked good.

Don Exum had a giant burger of some kind.  It looked larger than this picture make it appear

Cassie's hair is growing back well after months of Chemo!  Next to here is Jerry, a new VROC member.  He's had a varied and interesting background.  A great addition to our group!

Didn't take too long or the "inside" tables to find their way outside to where all the   good folks were hanging out.

Trouble and Zmean1, back at the motel.  The start of a good Reunion!

Badger and Cleve.  This motel has a nice firepit and plenty of seating.  Good Kaw Pasture.

Cassie and Cuddles enjoying the fire

Randy  got a little sunburn on the way down

Deb, Gambler and Mitch

Those that didn't go to eat at the Rockin' Pig

Jamey T. found the Pizza!

Relaxing in the fire light

Eating, light drinking, and LOTS of visiting is what it's all about

We'll be coming back to ES again next year, but will have a different venue.  Condi found a new and wonderful motel that will host us.

Duck and Magallan

Jerry and Cleve

Katie and Sandy

Penmaker (Don) and Lucky Al

Susan and Badger.  There was a LOT of left over pizza

Al snatched my camera to get me in a picture

I'm dreaming.  Back in "the day", I'd be getting my share of this big baby!

Cuddles is saying, it's time to quit for the day!   This is a wrap for 9/11/12

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