Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I received these pictures from someone....lets seee, who do they belong to....oh yeah, it HAS to be Lucky Al!

Al was a Boy Scout. That ice chest probably has everything you would ever need in case you ever ended up in Situation #1. (except a new fuel injector) :-)

Al's idea of "the twisties"

Those Cotton Bolls look rotten! You can't pick very much Cotton. In those Cotton Fields back home!

Six Pack in surprise.

Randy is worried about losing a little hair...I think he looks pretty good without it!

Kim hasn't lost a lot of hair. that's why he's still smiling.

Wonder how long Al had to wait to get this picture..............

Flamekiller, MoPar, Rem, and Evelyn (Reverse).

The handsome couple

Looks like a good group! Eating isn't exactly all vroc is all about...but, it's a big part of it :-)

By the looks of those towel rolls, this must be a BBQ joint!

We've never been introduced, but I think this must be Condi and the Quiet One...sorry if I'm wrong.

Randy (Rem) and his lovely wife.........Reverse

I'm really sorry, I've met these fine folks...but...the names are gone from my old brain

MoPar and his Dodge Wing

Flamekiller buckling up for the ride

The Old Wolveriine....(ooops, I mean Badger)

Zmean1, Badger, and Stewey

No one can say that Stewey is NOT a colorful person! :-)

And here is Susan, Joe, and Al.......I bet he had Stewey take this picture! :-) Thanks Al, for sending these fine shots!

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