Sunday, September 9, 2012

VROC riding near ES

Every day there's happenings in Eureka Springs.  This week there will be some big name Jazz groups performing in the Basin Park.  Free concerts. As well as other entertainment.

Oyster Feast tonight!  There are MANY fine dining places in ES.

Laura taking a picture of the "little Golden Gate" over Beaver Lake.  The bridge is just planks, and very narrow.  Don Exum, a long time vroc friend, is on the Wing.  He led us on a very nice ride today.

The lake is low, but the rainy season is coming soon!

1912.  The year my mother was born!

Lots of nice farm scenes today.

Well, Duah.  Sure glad they put that sign up so we'd know we were going to ride into the lake :-)

It's nice riding with a smoker.  You get to stop a lot! :-)  Actually, we were partially lost, but Don got us there  and back in fine shape.

Lots on interesting history in these hills

We passed a lovely old Abe Lincoln fence, but I didn't get a picture of it today.  I will later this week

TALL tower!  It used to be used for fire watch.

Nice view of the valley.

Met a nice guy riding a Silver Wing scooter.  He lived close, and invited us to stop and see his foul. So we did.  This is a happy couple.

He raised this 22 year old "Big Bird" from a tiny chick.

Interesting pet

We stopped at an Arkansas Quick Stop for a soda pop.  This was the girl behind the counter.  Nice hair. And ears......

Don and Laura going down the main street in Eureka Springs.  A good ride, will be going somewhere again tomorrow.  

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  1. Some really good Pic's Sherm~! Like , really good been gett'n lessons? or a bloody good new camera , inquiring minds need t o know :-)