Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Day of ES 2012

Susan, Badger, Margot and Hautsauce.  Saturday morning at the Roadhouse.
Mal and Yvette, Skid and Sandy

Laura and Don, Lucky Al

Visiting with absent members!

Like most places in Eureka Springs, the Roadhouse is very Motorcycle friendly

Skid and Mal, from the back seat of Skid's Avalanche

Vickie and Kay puddle hopping into the War Eagle Mill.  Been pouring all morning

New vroc'er Debbie D, we had to use a truck to get in some site-seeing today, too nasty out to ride

Vickie soaking up some history of this old mill

Beautiful old stove,  Not connected any more, but has kept the place warm for many a cold winter day

Gift shop.  First floor is the mill and food items, second floor local art and other gift shop items, 3rd floor the Corn Bread, Beans and Cobbler loft.  They have sandwiches and other food too

Fish from the White River

Some of these would look good on our pot shelves

Some excellent sauces, jams, etc.

Vickie went out in the rain to get a better look at the mill wheel

"Preston's" Bridge

Twice a year they have a craft festival here.  Lots of vendors, and interesting things for sale.

Vickie and Kay inside Thorncrown Chapel

Been inside here many times, but never really noticed the lights before.  Probably because it's always been sunny when we've visited here.  Not today

Kay, Vickie, Debbie and Robert

View from a small one lane bridge

Headed across the White River.  Wouldn't like to meet a roaring Logging truck in the middle...Oh..maybe they don't have "roaring" logging trucks this far East :-)

Many times have sat on this bench having a nice cold pop.  Was very disappointed to see this old Inn closed up and for sale. Another "end of era"

Would be nice if someone buys this place, opens it up without too much change.

Beaver Spring House.  Built of wood in 1857, changed to stone in 1912.

Cables for the suspension bridge.  Those nuts are about 6 inches in diameter.  

Looks like the Golden Gate

Nice little City.  This was taken during rush hour.

Excellent Sign

After I loaded the bike, had a lot of people checking it out.  Too bad the manufacture quit making this model, it gets a lot of interest.  I'm grateful to Cat for selling me this excellent trailer!

Margo modeling her new helmet

Saturday night, the party is winding down.  Because of anticipating the ride home tomorrow, most of the beverages are soft tonight.  

Lucky Al and Hotsauce are supervising the "changing of the chock" so Skid can haul 2 Gold Wings inside his trailer

Badger, Gambler and Pappy about ready to call it a rally

Cassie and Cuddles.  She's glowing in the dark!

A warm, wet, Skid.  He just finished preparing the trailer for Lucky Al to load his bike

In it goes.  We're anticipating a great caravan to Williamsburg and the WWR next week.  Mal and Yvette will be going with us.  Fun taking the "kids" along :-)

Because of work, Malachi and Yvette didn't get here until last night. And tomorrow we'll be leaving with them to head East

Vickie, Debbie, and Kay.  Been our good friends for over 20 years.  And Teri, another special friend.  She's here working at the ROK rep from Kawasaki

It was nice renewing friendships, and talking over old times.  Debbie and Vickie's brother Robert was also there.  This pretty much wraps up this blog.  Will be starting a new one later today for the next Rally.

Friday, September 14, 2012

More of 14 Sept.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!
Had to start a new post for the rest of the day, Blogger was giving me a hard time on the last on, so it's just easier to keep going with a new post.
Vickie, Kay, and Debbie.  From East Texas.  Pat and I have been friends with them for over 20 years.  Vickie used to be the "Head Honcho" at the Kwik Kamp Factory.  She and Kay are both RN's. And new VROC'ers.

Chickens, pigs and Beef for dinner!

Takes a lot of BBQ pits and smokers to prepare this meal for tonight.  Hot Sauce is famous for his BBQ's

Vickie and her brother Robert unhooking the trailer.  She rides a Honda Shadow, her Sister Debbie rides a Vulcan.

Buying tickets in the Crescent Hotel for the "Ghost Tour" tonight.  The old Hotel is supposed to be haunted

Christ of the Ozarks from the balcony of the Crescent Hotel.  At full Zoom, and in the rain.

The desk in the lobby is about the same as it was in 1886.

A 10 x 10 piece of the Berlin Wall.  This is exactly the way it looked when the wall came down, it hasn't been retouched. Was shipped over from Germany

Looks much larger when you're close.  We're on the other side of the Valley now

Hotsauce on the phone with an Oklahoma BBQ joint.  Getting direction on how to cook the meat :-)
This banner will be signed by all, and given to Craig Scott with all the proceeded from the sale of raffle tickets.

We had Chicken, Ribs and Beef brisket.  Hotsauce did an OUTSTANDING job of cooking, and was ably assisted by Competition BBQ chef Scott Hendryx.

Travis and Killswitch enjoying the fire while waiting for food and raffle

Sandy has her side dishes, but has to fine Skid to find out what kind of meat they ordered.  There was enough so everyone could have some of each

The man in the yellow is Jerry, from Kansas.  A new vroc'er, this is his first rally

The rain put a damper on eating around the pool and patio, but the food was delicious, and everyone found a place to enjoy it

Half chickens, ribs and beef

Hotsause.  The man of the hour.  Holding some of his homemade "pigsauce".  Any stories of his cooking abilities are not exaggerated, the meat tonight was as good as any BBQ I've tasted, cooked perfectly and seasoned just right.

Some of the vroc ladies enjoyed a message at the Basin Hotel, followed by lunch on the balcony.  Even thought it was raining, they had a good time.  This wraps up the day.  Thanks to ROK and a few individuals for supplying the raffle prizes, Special thanks to JR and Condi for doing a fine job of organizing, and working to make sure the rally is going well, and to Scott  and his helpers for the fine meal.  To quote old time vroc'er Pop Pop:  "It don't get any better than this!"