Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14-Eureka Springs vroc

A carry over from last night. Skid earned his beads!

Early morning rain!  Jerry, Coyote, Grandpa D, and Cleve.  We woke up to gray sky, Cold temperature, and light drizzle. An I back in Coos Bay?

Isn't this a pretty sight?  Keyless having a morning :-)

Badger and Sandy

 Hotsauce and Scott are busy preping the meat for dinner tonight

 Coyote is supervising the BBQ
 Several cookers and smokers are going
 The "Thorn" and "Rose" thing again.  Teri, John, and a very good friend from years ago, Vickie.
 Waiting for the rain to stop
No...Skid isn't cleaning his bike. Just wiping of the rain water.  He's good to go for another 6 months now :-)

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