Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mother Moon is holding court!

KT is lookin' good!

Is this Condi?

Flamekiller reading his vest

This is Mrs. Mr. Clean. :-) Sorry Mark.

He's really not a CB

Piper looks like he's getting ready for Winter in the mountains!

A sweet young thing. :-)


Very Lucky Al.

7 Pack Jack


Wolverine (or something like that:-)

I wouldn't brag about that dessert Al...looks pretty skimpy :-)

Badger has a full plate!

Susan knows how to eat!

Zmean1 is going Pentecostal! Al and Badger look confused.

These rules are sort of hard to understand....

Cargo is having fun trying to read a number

Slammer, ever a handsome dude.


Special k and Bubbles

Lucky Al, giving someone the evil eye :-)


Russ having a diet pop

Rainman didn't do so well, heard the weather was good!

Hello to you, too, Susan.

Teri is getting into the Zero!

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